Fear not!

June 20, 2008

It goes on forever,
Never ends, but sleeps often
I thought I could throw it out
Seems I was in the wrong.

It’s there, deep down inside, hidden
Hidden behind the smiles, the jokes, the laughter
Oh! How I wish I could throw it out
Yet the Pain slips deeper, into the bottom

It grows with the help of my fears
Watered by my tears
The more I try to throw it out
The more it bleeds deep inside, within
I thought this pain was due to my fears
Then I realized; Pain was the fear!


Love at first sight!

June 19, 2008

OK, Its not like I cant think in other domains, but I am a little obsessed about this topic called love right now D


Now, the topic will definitely bring a smile on your face, or else at least this sentence would!!? P


So, whats your opinion on love at first sight? Think and keep it in mind. Now, everyone has their own opinion about it and so do I. But, yesterday as I was thinking, yes I think a lot! sigh! Anyways, as I said I was thinking yesterday and suddenly a thought came to my mind.


Mind you I am talking about love IN GENERAL and not just the one between a guy and a girl!!


Who ever loved something, did they not love it at first sight??!


I saw the advertisement of Mac Air notebook and I was totally “flat” over it. It happens to all. You see something and you love it at the first sight only. ya, sometimes you may be a little preoccupied to realize that you love it. But in the end you say I loved it the moment I set my eyes on it! Like wise there are certain people who you love the moment you see them. In a way you find yourself more comfortable talking to them. remember the first day of your new school or college? You talked to only one or two people. I mean TALKED, really talked not just saying “hi” or “hello”. Not only that, you are still good friends and you still care about that person. Again, love at first sight!!


So, in a way you always love at first sight, but sometimes take your own sweet time to realize that. Not that its wrong or bad. You need to give it some time. Always evaluate your love towards something and then only move forward. As they say, think before you act! )


Ya, I need to get back to my books! Man, how I wish I had fell in love with microwaves :((

Love you more than anything!!

June 14, 2008

Lots of people in love say that right?

“Dear, I love you more than anything in this world!”

“Honey, I love you more than my life!”

There are many more such things that are said when people try to express their love to each other. Loving someone more than one’s own life, does that really happen? Can someone love anybody like that? I have known people talking about how one loves his life more than anything. There is a tale I had read about how Birbal showed this to Akbar. The tale goes like this

Once Akbar and Birbal got into an argument. Akbar said that a mother loves its child more than its life and Birbal disagreed and he told he would prove it. He brought a monkey and its child to the palace. He had the pool emptied and put the monkey and its child in the empty pool and started filling it with water. As the water level rose, the mother tried to keep its baby dry by carrying it. When waters reached its neck, the mother put its baby on her head to protect it. But as soon as the water rose above its head, the monkey put its baby down and tried to stand on it to save itself. Akbar was shocked to see this. Thus Birbal proved his intelligence once again

Now, I have heard a lot of people give this example when they are asked the question about love. They even go to the extent of telling me that its explained in psychiatry; that this is a natural impulse of any living thing. So? Humans are different. They can choose to be what they want to be. They are the ones who makes choices and can act against the impulses working miracles. So, why not in love? Yet people argue that you cant love someone more than your life.


*Shakes his head*


Today as I was scanning the headlines in the newspaper, I came across this news where a Hiker from Romania gave up his life while trying to save his wife. They were lost in the mountain, with winds over 113 kmph, he decided to dig a trench in the snow. He lay down first and on him his wife and a friend of his. He refused to switch places with them. His friend and his wife survived, but he had to lose his life. here is the link to the complete article http://www.expressindia.com/latest-news/Hiker-sacrifices-himself-to-save-wife-amp-friend/322415/

He used his body warmth to save his wife and friend. So, he was being honest when he might have told his wife that he loved her more than anything in this world? You bet he was. There are lot of people like this in the real world. Sacrifice is not something that exists only in movies. So, next time you want to make fun of a person who says something like this, think again. And its not just women who are strong enough to make sacrifices in life. Not just mothers show unconditional love. Men too do that. And thats why I wanted to quote this article in my post. So, those who say there is no love, please open your heart to love others first. Then only you will know that its all about giving and not expecting!

Have a nice day

Human Life

June 13, 2008

What is the value of a human life to you? ANY human life. YOUR personal opinion. Just think in mind.

The day was Tuesday, 10th June. The farmers of Haveri were protesting for they had not yet received their fertilizers as promised by government. The crowd became violent. I cry foul here. Why do you have to get violent? Thats where you get to know about the leadership of any person who heads these protests. Why resort to violence? But they had to do it. They cornered a Police van and bombarded it with stones. Even small little kids were having the “fun” of joining the “adults” in this “protest”.

Without any authorization the Police opened fire after their attempts to control the uproar failed. But at least did they follow the code? No. They shot, not at foot, but at the upper body killing a man and injuring others. The worst part was when I saw the clipping of a man who was shot die there unattended. No one helped him. He was struggling there on the road with a bullet in his chest. Yet no one came to help. Not even one. He died there, and this whole thing was captured and a video clip was compiled and they were looping it all day long. Then my bro came in and saw this clip. He asked what happened to the guy. I explained him the whole scenario. Then he asked why didnt anyone try to save that man? I had no answer.

What is really the value of a human life to you anyways? If there has been an accident on your way to college or work, will you stop and help that person? Or will you worry about your seat cover getting stained by blood. Just think and find out what is your first reaction to this. If its about the seat, then I beg you to please change your priorities in life. If you are the one lying on the road, bleeding, you wouldn’t care about staining the seat cover of somebody else’s car right?

The Loss

June 13, 2008

Its really sad that I had start my blog with this post.

My buddy passed away on 10th of this month. Adi and me were friends from our childhood. Three years younger to me and stayed at the end of my street in Hubli. We did everything together. Everything. One of those friends who really knew me. Not everyone of my friends know me well. If you think you know me, then think again. “The loss” is painful and cannot be expressed here. Damn I am not getting any words to put it across. But I will just say this, I lost a part of me. Friends influence you all the way deep down. You sometime even try to imitate them in actions. He has been a person who has influenced my personality a lot. So, thats the reason I made those changes to my Orkut profile. Thats how I feel, lost identity. He loved Donald Duck

But that smile is unforgettable, and that is what is helping me to keep my senses. I dont know what to write more. But hey buddy, you will never be forgotten by your friends here. In JK’s style, you will only be gone when those who love you will forget you, and that is not gonna happen. But you should have met me before going to Thailand……


June 13, 2008

When I was 8 I realized that I hate to wait. Absolutely hate it. Wait in queue to get movie tickets, wait for the commercials to get over to watch what happens next in a movie. Wait for the bus to come; this is the worst thing ever. I always feel that the bus that I want to catch NEVER comes until at least 20 min from the time of my arrival! wait for classes to end, wait for the tests to end, wait for the results(damn), wait in the restaurants for the food, wait for your turn in the bank, wait, wait, wait…..

Why do I have to go through this everyday in my life? It makes me feel really frustrated and yet I have to deal with it silently, not letting it out. As the years passed, the hate grew in me; more and more and more and more. When ever I had to wait, I would always start tapping my foot, or moving around in small, random circles, look at my watch every 3 seconds or so. Totally heated up and ready to explode, yet contained myself somehow.

Now, slowly though, I think I am getting over it. Now I dont feel THAT frustrated when I have to wait for something. For example, I am waiting for a friend of mine to discuss some important things with him but he is not here yet. The wait has just crossed 2 hrs 42 min and 45 sec. Yet, you see me here, typing this thing so patiently and calmly trying not to utter a single bad word at him. And now he is here, so I take leave 😉

P.S: dated April the 4th

The Life

June 13, 2008

I wandered through the streets, alone

Through cities and countries I passed

I had a question on my mind

Answer was what I wanted to find

I met a saint in a holy land

And I fell to his feet and asked

“What is life oh! Holy one?”

A gift of God said the old one.

‘Devout it to the almighty

And you shall have peace and prosperity.’

I traveled forward and met a thinker

Who called himself a philosopher?

He said life is like a sea

You have to keep on sailing.

Then I met a merchant on my way

Life is money, he said, don’t throw it away

Further I traveled into the country

I met a man full of misery

Life is a burden; a punishment from God

To all the sinners of past he thought

Life is a game said a sportsman,

Playing is important and that’s the real fun

Then I realised life is complex

And you see it as you wish to see

So, you decide what life is for you

As you alone will know it well

As for me, I define life as

Traveling in Luxury bus on The Indian Roads


P.S : Dated long back