August 30, 2008

Disclaimer :
Views expressed here are strictly personal and are only my interpretation of the subject under consideration. I do not intended to hurt anyone’s sentiment in any way. I merely express my views and understandings with regards to the topic.

How important is THE regional language?

Stale meat? Still burning though! Of course you all may have seen the “activities” of the “activists” all over the country to protect and nurture the regional language. Its humbling to see people actually caring about such things. Language is an art in itself which allows us to express the innermost feelings in the most beautiful way possible! An initiative to spread the glory of one’s own language has been there from time immemorial(Rather when the whole kingship thingy started,if you may). One always has pride in one’s own mother tongue. Mother tongue, the term itself shows that they give it a very special place in their hearts.

As we look at the present scenario with the past in mind, things have changed. The global village demands a global language. Invariably, English has come to everyone’s rescue(Thanks to the British). We have english medium education and schools. Today every kid is expected to atleast know how to read and write in english. It has become the primary requirement of any kind of organization(Government and non). Its not only bridging the gap between India and other nations, but also helping in the communication between its own citizens. Hence we see people striving so hard to protect the culture of their own region.

Is having the education imparted in the regional medium the answer? I say no. Its completely absurd to have regional medium in higher education. But, I say even in school, only one medium(English) must be followed. I remember my Kannada teacher always used to say, “Learn your mother tongue properly and you will be able to learn ANY language without any problem.” When you sit and think about it you will see that it makes sense. Basically your brain needs a language that will act like a reference. Then all you need to do is link the new language to your basic language and you will master that new language. So, laerning at least one language properly is VERY important. But in the present scenario, almost all the students will not be able to concentrate on the language as its not given the required importance at the primary level. Learning English without knowing your mother tongue is VERY difficult. For me Kannada was introduced in 1st standard AFTER I learnt English words. It was not an easy job to cope up with it and I still suck at language and grammar. Interestingly, I came to know that grammEr was the wrong way to spell it in my 10th standard.

People are trying to make everyone study Kannada language, which is good. But, what about the quality of education? Why not improve the syllabus accordingly so that those who ARE learning will learn it better. Making it the first language is a really good decision if applied. That will make sure that students will be able to learn the language well and may become aptly skilled. Instead of arguing, the law must be enforced that will mae sure that the mother tongue will be introduced fully to the young minds so that they can really appreciate the beauty of the language, which I realised only in 10th, 11th and 12th!!


Refreshment, Rediscovery

August 14, 2008

Life has been busy these days. Had to go to my grandparent’s village. When my mom told me about it a few days back that we will be leaving, I was not happy about it. I had this whole action plan for the weekend. I had a lot of stuff that had to be done. But, this was important too. So, I agreed to go. We started at 10 am in the morning. Me, my bro, my sis, my aunt and uncle. Uncle was the one who knew all the routes, but he had directly come after his night duty and was damn sleepy. We had to take the NH 4, but fell asleep and we ended up on NH 206. Both will lead us to the village, but supposedly the NH 4 was well maintained. But then we found out that it was the other way round. NH 4 is the worst I tell you!

As we moved farther, we thanked ourselves for taking that route. The road was lined by large fields and trees and mountains covered with fog and it rained continuously. It was really awesome and refreshing. The weather was really romantic. Just cool, not cold; mildly lit, cloudy and drizzling all the way. Sweet smell where ever you go. Silent. Makes you smile when you see it. Makes your heart feel light and warm and then suddenly cold; makes your heart lose its rythm. Makes you stop your vehicle and just stare at it. Fell like I need to go there, at the top and get soaked in the fog. In short, something you need to experience yourself to really understand what I want to say πŸ˜€

The thing about these countrysides is the scenic beauty you get to watch, like the ones in the pics above πŸ˜›
Anyways, as we drove further, sun went down, and the double lane became single lane and the road was really in a pitiable condition. Due to continuous rain, the mud in the sides had turned into swamp. Our vehicle got stuck into it when my bro tried to avoid the bus that was coming opposite to us. Then I got down to try and push the vehicle up and my leg got stuck till my knees in the mud. Me and my uncle managed to push the car out as bro used the engine. Finally, we reached our village at 9 pm.

I met all my relatives there; all my little cousins new born babies aunts and uncles, grandparents, dad and everyone else. That was one more thing that made me happy that I took that trip. The function was really good. Nice food, lots of tea. Played with all my cousins. hide and seek, kho-kho in the hall and many other games. The stay was short, but satisfying. Then we travelled bac home and this time took the NH 4 route. It was pretty much boring to come back knowing that you are leaving all your relatives behind and there is not much to see on this route. Just came across some sunflower fileds and Windmills on our way. All in all, it was a trip that I needed to break the boring routine of my life. I slept for long the day I returned. And slept well without dreaming anything. I love that, dreamless sleep. And now, the usual life starts again.

Note : All the images were taken by me with my moblie’s camera πŸ˜€

P S :Β  now I am good πŸ˜›

Firsrt mobile post

August 7, 2008

Hmm…. This is my first experience of mobile blogging…. This is exciting πŸ˜€

Of course it is a bit slower than my pc, but its not that bad either. I do get the same options as in the pc.

Anyways…. I really dont know what to write. So, this is the end of post πŸ˜€

Ideal response

August 5, 2008

“It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education” – Albert Einstein

The thing that fascinates me the about this man is that he had a brain that weighed less than the average human brain! Came across that quote long back; smiled when I read it for the first time. But, I feel miserable when I live it everyday! The man is, as always, right. Engineering college was my childhood dream. I always dreamed that I would be able to do this, build that and every other crazy dream as any child would have. My path was pretty clear from the start. But after three years in this college, I feel that I am wasting my time and energy here to put a high percentage marks in my scorecard. I ask what is the use of getting 90+ if you don’t even know how to tune a pot and set the required voltage input to the comparator? They say that the marks you obtain will be registered in your scorecard and thats what will be valued for your entire life!

I knew things had gone way too far when a professor in a reputed institute asked me WHY I wanted to do a project instead of studying for the exams! I was not only disappointed, but also shocked to hear such a question from a Professor from an institution where research work is worshiped! He literally shook the very base of engineering by asking that question! You don’t learn it until you apply it! Simple was the answer, yet so complex that he lectured us to give up the “madness” of wasting time to do a project that will NOT HELP us in anyway. There were a million things that shot up in my mind that could logically conclude as to why we need to do practical work in engineering. But then I noticed we were standing outside a Lab and he was due to take up a lab session. I thought, heights of Hipocracy!

That is something I would call “ideal response” in this whole system. You mug up everything and vomit and score as high as possible. If you show interest in anything else other than the curriculum then your response deviates from the ideal curve and THAT is not at all acceptable! But, everyday we study that there is no way you can attain ideal response in any practical implementation of theoretical concepts. Then why do they not see it? Because they never paid any attention to the practical details themselves. They did mug it up, but never realised what it meant! So much for great engineers who teach the next generation of great engineers! But please note that I am not generalising it. There are a few cases there too who deviate from the “ideal response” πŸ˜€ . And thats the hope people like me cling on to!

I dont want to be an engineering graduate. I want to be an Engineer. And, for those who know, there is all the difference in the world between them! I hope the IEEE chapter and the team will achieve its goals. I would like to thank all the guys here and ofcourse the EEE department lecturers for their enthusiastic involvement in it. Now I so wish that I had been in EEE! Sad, but true!