The future look bright

November 23, 2008

The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes

Thanks to Kaushik for sharing it. 🙂


Professional Communication

November 21, 2008

The world is driven by professionals and corporates. I have been recruited into TCS through campus recruitment process and they conducted a workshop today on communication in the professional world. Conveyance of message was one part that they concentrated on; that need not be elaborated here. More often they stressed on the nuances of the words and their proper usage to form a proper meaningful sentences. But that is also understood. Then what was that made this session different? It was the perspective of a corporate world and its conventions that really set this session apart from the others.

The corporate world, as I get it now, is filled with people who get easily offended by silly things. As a company that has expanded across the border of India, the HR person made it clear that different region had different convention. In India, for example, if you use the term manhole it would not make any difference, But in other western countries, that would amount to sexism. So, the correct term would be personhole. But, that would make no sense to people here. Thats extrememly rediculous but even such small things have led to the loss of projects from the clients. The way you dress, if you smell bad AND if you have dandruff in your hair are the criterian to “judge” you as a person and NOT your work. As it is, judging is not a good practise and most of the successful people agree with it. I once read in a book about how a multimillionaire interacted with new people. He said, ‘Getting to know people is like digging for gold, you may have to move tons of dirt to get the gold. But, if you dont care about the dirt, you are in for a treat’‘. Those are the real professionals according to me who had substance in their character and wisdom in their thinking.

Next was about the written communication. They presented a few stories that I think I will share here; firstly about the abbreviaitions. Who hasnt suffered by them? Netspeak has become the standard for some people. They just dont get how annoying it is to read it. If you write an official mail in that format, then you deserve to lose the deal. Like in the big bang theory, Sheldon is playing multiplayer online game

Penny : What are you doing?

Sheldon : AFK (He pauses the game and takes of the headphones). I am playing Age of Conan, an online multiplayer game.

Penny : Oh!

Sheldon : Sheldore back online

Penny : Whats AFK?

Sheldon : AFK. (He pauses the game again and pulls of the headphones) Away From Keyboard

Penny : Oh! I see

Sheldon : (Looks at her confused) What does that stand for?

Penny : Oh…. I see

Sheldon : Yes, but what does it stand for?(Penny looks at him totally irritated)

Watch it to get the feel. The HR person gave the example of abbreviating water closet as WC by a lady in a letter. Its hilarious and you must go through it. Just click on the WC. Anyways, thats that. Please dont use abbreviations without predefining what it means. Next came the email. Always review your mail before sending it. A certain person made a spelling mistake and wrote “erotic” instead of “erratic” and sent it. One more person sent a mail with a salutation “Dear nothing”. It happens to the best of us and as Moody says, Constant Vigilance is the key to avoid such embarrassing situations.

The HR person went on with meetings and stuff. When a person is talking and you get an idea, you must NOT interrupt that person. ‘The speaker will feel irritated and frustrated by this‘, she said. But then, it depends on the person who is talking and WHAT he is talking. But, after the session was over, I felt that the corporates also needed a session on tolerance. They need to set their priorities right and look at what is important and NOT just the superficial, sly, flashy hokum!


November 17, 2008

Disclaimer :
Views expressed here are strictly personal and are only my interpretation of the subject under consideration. I do not intend to hurt anyone’s sentiment in any way. I merely express my views and understandings with regards to the topic.

I debated a lot on whether or not this post should be featured on my blog.

Scenario 1: Attending private school with a fully packed lunch box and a classroom full of cheerful people.

Scenario 2: Attending school along with other seniors and juniors in a small dingy room or under a tree with free lunch.

Scenario 3: Attending training camps to learn how to fire a machine gun along with the other kids.


There was a poem by Milton when I was in school. I dont remember the exact words, all it said was that there is a lot of suffering in this world and we must not worry about it and start felling miserable. Atleast thats what my teacher told me while she made us read it. Anyways, I belong to the first scenario. I have not had any problem to get hold of something I wanted throughout my academics. A good library, access to internet and teachers whom I can question have always been a part of any phase of my student life. I have been a “privileged” all the time. 


The third scenario is something that everyone is familiar with. Brutal truth that has the ability to disturb the cool of anyone’s mind. well, not anyone, but those who care. Greed of people moivates them to plumet to such animalistic levels. And there is no strong voice that fights for these people. The only voices I have heard is when someone wanted a death sentence to be waved off a terrorist. The world defines hipocracy better than wikipedia! 


Anyways, in my college a group of students are collectiing a book, pencil and eraser from all of us to donate it to an orphanage. I liked it. Its a start and I hope they go all the way. There is an orphanage right opposite to my college. Went there once, but I did not know what to talk. Its filled with more happiness than I had expected. But then, we never know what sorrows lie behind those innocent smile. Mom and dad go there on their anniversaries. They give fruits and make other contributions every year. A lot of people from my college have visited the place and done something from their side. Be it sharing food or bringing a smile on those children’s face. I hope one day there will be no kid who would face the last two scenarios. I hope one day all kids would be privileged.


All those who read this, do something from yourside. If you ask what difference can I make? then read on


A beach was strewn with starfish and  a little girl was picking them up and throwing them back in the ocean.

‘Little girl,’ a passerby said, ‘what are you doing?’

‘I’m saving the starfish,’ she replied.

‘But there are so many! Your efforts can’t possibly make a difference.’

The little girl picked up another starfish and said, ‘It makes a difference to that one.’ and she threw it into the ocean


So, dont worry about the millions, just think about the one you help

Memories of Kerala

November 11, 2008


















P.S : All the photos were taken by me using my mobile camera. Now I think I am ready for a professional camera, what say?

The philosophical me in Kerala

November 11, 2008

Trip to Kerala was totally out of my league. It was something I thought was not possible till that point of time I sat in the bus. I wont go about explaining the details of the trip here. Its really redundant as i am not good at making the reader weave a web of imagination that would teleport them to the world I am describing. It was a 5 night and 4 and 1/2 days of traveling, yelling, sleeping, playing, laughing, singing, dancing and doing other weird stuff that you wouldn’t normally do. It was like a small life out there with every sort of moments; happy, sad, scary, frustrating, painful, etc. Similar to my previous post, I maintain that these trips really help you to rethink about your life. It gives you time away from work and other daily routines and let you think in a more philosophical way about YOU. Its not a selfish thing as you are not thinking about yourself as an isolated case but, you are trying to workout how you fit in this world.

We visited the all sort of places there, from the lowest point to the highest point. Particularly when we were traversing the devious curves on the mountain my friend said, “I pray to god that if this bus falls, I just want to be dead. I hope I will not be alive to live an amputee’s life”. I looked at him with a raised brow and smiled, “We wont fall!” I said with such confidence that even I was shocked! Anyways, the first day in the morning the bus broke down. It was a 6 hour long wait on the foot of the mountain. Though the scene was not a good one, there was a canal that helped us pass the time and get cleaned up. Most of them were scared of water snakes which, by the way, are not poisonous!! That led me to think, if this was what was meant to be? Hmm…

Six hours of nomad’s life and I literally mean it. Everything was trivial from input to output! Completely down to the basics of survival :D. It was fun doing it though; fun exploring places and trying to have fun in the given situation! Me and a friend of mine had a competition of pelting small stones to a near by pole. We gave up when I reached 50 and he reached 26. Were we again those kids that did not need sophisticated things to entertain them? I guess we were! And let me tell you one thing, we still had it in us 😛

Thereafter, it was a sleepy trip to a Guruvayur. A temple where you need to remove your shirt and wear a “Panche” or “Dhotra“. It also has a tradition where they do not let anyone inside who do not not follow Hinduism. Hypocrisy at its heights! This depicts the image of intolerant people still living within this land that is sworn to equality. Debate did happen on this topic but it only gave the age old conclusion; ‘its their perspective, we cant do anything about it‘. I would bleed to death before I accept this conclusion. On the outside everything is nice and good but, it really is not so. On that sad note I accompanied others to Alapi. We spent the night in the beach resort and in the morning we were out to smell the fresh breeze blowing over the sea shore. Exhilarating, euphoric, free and many more adjectives that may complete this series. It was just pure fun there and nothing else that would make you think. Of course one might argue that the vastness of the ocean would be an ideal turn on for a philosophical mind, but I say it must be accompanied by good amount of time too. And that is exactly what we lacked. I only spotted the dolphins further up the shore when one of my friend told me. Lost we were in our own world, clinging to that moment of happiness that we had been longing from the start of the trip. Finally we had it and nothing else mattered to us.

Next place we visited was Munnar. It is a hill station and a beautiful one at that. I like hill stations as a rule. I generally like cold weather and I dint know if its a characteristic of a romantic! Even in that way, its advantageous :D. The mountains looked beautiful and harmless. But a closer look made me realise that they were dangerous too. The scene was breathtaking and heavenly to say the least. Perfectness as I would term it. As I stood near one of the cliff and spread my arms and closed my eyes, I felt the peace inside that we long for all the time. It was right up there on every corner and every rock. I could have lived there for ever if I could! Anyways, one of my friend was bargaining for a hat in a small roadside shop. I always feel that the roadside shops should be spared of bargaining and its the bigger shops that needs to be targeted really. So as I was saying, the hat’s price was 50 and they were trying to get it for 35. After several attempts as they were about to give in for 40, another friend of mine came and took the 35 rupees from my hand and put a hand on the shopkeeper’s shoulder and smiled at him and put the money in his hand. He told something in Tamil that I did not understand, but the deal was sealed. As we walked I asked him how he did it, he answered with a wicked grin, “Personal touch”. We still are animals, no matter how civilised right?

Ideally it must have been the trip of my life, but something somewhere was stopping it to be that. I was wondering about that as I started my journey back and also about how it would be to return to the routine. It was after that chat I had with a friend of mine that I realised what it was. We went in a big group which meant limited space to spread my wings. We did a lot of things together as a group, but I missed out on things that I really wanted to do. Things that would contend me rather than the group. Is that selfish? May be, but wasnt the trip for me too? Or was it just for the “group”?

P.S : Some of the photos coming up soon 🙂


November 1, 2008

ಕನ್ನಡ ರಾಜ್ಯೋತ್ಸವದ ಸುಭಾಶಯಗಳು.

ಕನ್ನಡ ಭಾಷೆಗೆ ಶಾಸ್ತ್ರೀಯ ಸ್ಥಾನಮಾನ ಸಿಕ್ಕಿದ್ದಕ್ಕೆ ಎಲ್ಲರಿಗೂ ಸುಭಾಷಯಗಳು.

Translation : My wishes on Kannada Rajyotsava

Congratulations on being awarded Kannada language with Classical status

Thats all fine. Now, people should be proud of it and not turn into arrogant fools who start considering all the other languages to in the lower stratum. Today’s attack on the FM station in Mysore was deplorable. A standard example of what I meant in my first line. Mom was listening to some Hindi music on radio, so I asked, “Mom! What are you doing? What if they come here too?” Mom said, “Let me know when they come, will run away from the back door!!”

Anyways, lets hope that the “heads” dont inflate due to this feat!