March 15, 2009

Disclaimer :

Views expressed here are strictly personal and are only my
interpretation of the subject under consideration. I do not intend to
hurt anyone’s sentiment in any way. I merely express my views and
understandings with regard to the topic.


This is something you might have read already. I always considered Karnataka to be more tolerable even though I was the witness to Hindu-Muslim riots that even made it to the BBC news once. Except a few areas, its always been tolerant to the differences. But the past few months have been really disturbing and the opinions on many different websites that I have surfed are not so comforting either. There is always this opinion among most of my friends that the youth of today are more aware and they are not religiously biased. But if you really look into the public discussion forums, you will be really shocked to read some of these comments. Some of the people are the next generation religious fundamentalists. They are people who know history very well. They know who did what to whom and these past actions are the heart and soul of their discussions. Many of us might say, ‘just because people did something in the past, doesnt mean we have to continue it’. But, thats something they wont even consider at all!

It really sucks that people base their actions on what some people did in the past. Anyway, the issue today in the news is about how right is it to put a statue of Chaplin near the temple. Everyone has different opinions about this. I dont find it disrespectful to anyone if they put the statue there. But the most disappointing thing in this whole episode is that religion, which was supposed to make us humans, has turned us into hypocrites. I really wish that one day I would get up and there would be no such concept as religion at all. More I think of it, my belief that all the religions are hokum is reinforced. No matter we considor the special theory of relativity or string theory to explain our universe, we reach to the logical conclusion that there is only one supreme power. Hence, the concept of millions of different religions makes no sense. What I think is that someone in the past came up with the concept of religion to bring order in the society and since then more number of people have created their own version of it. And today, like fools, we kill each other like morons. Each and every issue in this world has a religious aspect to it. Everyone wants to identify god with every other thing but themselves. If you identified god within you, then only would you not have the guts to hurt innocent. But then, they dont do it for they know god cannot be in such a corrupt mind!!

Returning to the issue at hand, I vote that there is no better way to honour Chaplin than NOT placing his statue in that place. Not all people appreciate him as not all of them know who he is. So, its better to put it somewhere he will be genuinly welcomed than forcefully putting it in that place just to prove that you live in a democratic world. Its really not worth it nor does it prove anything.