Yet another reason I hate the concept of religion

May 25, 2009

As if the castes are not enough, you have sub-castes and these subs have subs again!! Damn these people. When will people learn?

Train bogies were torched at the Jalandhar Cantt station, a key highway blocked and vehicles and shops set afire as large parts of Punjab came to a standstill Monday after news that a top leader of the Dera Sachh Khand sect had died of his injuries following a clash in a Vienna gurdwara.

Er.. So why burn the trains and buses and PRIVATE vehicles here in India?? Those bastards dont even give a thought as to what value a vehicle will carry to its owner! It could have been someone’s first vehicle bought by saving money right through a long career. But these blinded dolts dont realise that. All they know is BREAKING every single rule that their “religion” sets. Are they specifically targetting those from their “rival” sect? No. They are just like mad dogs biting anyone who comes in front of them. Screaming words that they dont even UNDERSTAND or COMPREHEND, words they dont believe in at all; those words that are fed by a few opportunists and these sheep follow the herd guided by the DOGS.

I feel such such shame when my younger cousins ask me to write them speeches for Independence day or Republic day ceremonies. Indians are NOT responsible and maybe cannot handle independence, nor do they respect it anyway. They continually fall prey to those crafty predators who feed on the hatred forever and sport a bulging tummy to stick it in our faces while they laugh at our hopelessness and lack of character. I can quote a lot of people who will agree with what I said, but that is redundant and silly. This is not some random event that has suddenly caught my attention; its the time I decided to speak my mind. To keep too many things bottled up is not such a nice thing. So, this post is to all those two faced bastards that say India is tolerant and secretly despise anyone from any other caste. Grow up, you are not in dark ages anymore. If you still continue to discriminate then you are not a human and definitely not an Indian. From today I will be outspoken and always object when someone brings religion where is does not belong. I urge those who read this also to do the same. Its about time we stood up for what we believe than what OTHERS think is right.

And I add no disclaimer to this post for if anyone is hurt by this, then I am NOT sorry; you truly and rightly deserve it.


Make the world a better place!

May 21, 2009

The project report is the worst thing ever. ACTUALLY doing a project is nothing compared to making a report of it. At 4 am, when I pinged my friend back after sending him a half finished PPT, I realised he had slept off a long time ago! Sleeping at that hour seemed pointless so I watched some TV. Then the sun came out and the morning paper was at my door steps. Literally (There are three steps in front of the door). Two articles caught my eyes today, one about a man arrested for molesting an underage girl (The man had previously committed the same crime with the same modus operandi) and the other one was about Akshay Kumar’s clarification regarding his recent visit to the Police Station. How are they connected? Hmm…

Lets examine Akshay’s case first. His wife unbuttoned his jeans in a fashion show and a “Social worker” filed a complaint against indecent behaviour in public. I believe it was just to obtain instant fame but, let us take the ideal case here and say the person who filed the complaint was indeed worried about the moral issue that he described in his complaint. Having said that, we turn our attention to all those who file such complaints against the celebrities ( there are a lot of them) and say that they too cared genuinely about their particular moral issues. Now, this means that the people of India are very vigilant people who dont even let a small incident go past their scanner. They are here to put an end to all the immorality that exists in our country. I think you know where I am going with this!

What about that guy? The criminal who commits the same crime twice and that too in the same fashion. Why didnt that become the biggest issue? Why didnt the vigilant people make sure that the first offense was the last offense? Was it that there was no fame involved here? I guess there would be a fair amount of fame in this too. It was mostly fear if you ask me. Celebrities have to maintain their image in the media. They are not to get into these controversies and are very vulnerable and are often the victims. But the thugs that are loose on the streets dont care about their image. That naturally brings fear and hence, the vigilance falters, the people are distracted and they no longer care about the moral issues that are at stake. The worst part is, these issues are genuine and probably are in desperate need of these “social workers”.

I am not sure about how many years the case will go on before the criminal is sentenced. Given the complexity of the Judicial system (Which is unavoidable in Democracy), it will not be anytime soon. We must focus our energy on things that need attention. Einstein once said, “Force always attracts men of low morality”. Force, of course, can be replaced here with fame or power or anything relevant.

P S: I dont think that unbuttoning of jeans should be given that much of attention.