Warning: Unknown state!

June 21, 2009

More than there always is

What I want, what I need

Always immersed in strange thoughts

Thoughts that never end. Never.


Purpose is an unknown entity

Elusive, and ever changing

Never decisive, never sure

Never ending uncertainty


What rules is complexity

Of thoughts and thoughts alone

Only place where ‘c’ doesn’t matter

Actions cannot keep up here!


What are actions really?

Is it the thought that matters?

Thoughts to choose from though

In the end action alone is seen


In my chaotic little world

Whose reach is infinite

The only thing certain Is

The unknown state of my mind


The food

June 20, 2009

I have always hated waiting.. So, as i wait today in a hotel for my food to come, i can’t help but think about the whole concept of food. I gulped a glass of “jaljeera” that had been ordered for me as it would help in digestion of the food I was about to eat. I have read a little bit about digestion to know just how this drink would help. It was going to supplement the acid and a few enzymes to break the food into its constituent compounds that the body really needs. But whats amazing is that the lump that is going to form in the stomach comes from various, mouthwatering delicacy. I had watched a video where the speaker was talking about human evolution and he asked a question, “Why do we like the food that we eat? The sweet especially?” Well the answer was simple, evolution made us develop the kind of taste buds that sense sweet and carbohydrates. Why? That is what our body needs to get energy. That is the reason we like those foods. In short, the various ways in which we fix our dinner is just triggered by human evolution. So simple yet so not obvious. Ultimately its all going to mix and will be reduced into a sticky lump due to the acid and digestive juice. So, do we live to eat or eat to live? Evolution says its the latter even though the food fanatics like me thinks it is the former šŸ˜€

Am I an Engineer now?

June 19, 2009

After 4 years there is not much to be said about the whole college experience. Its always true that there is no real satisfaction to our hearts. No matter how much we get we ask for more. Probably the same holds good for this situation too. We had fun, some had differences and others became more than just friends. Some became closer than others and then turned distant before you could figure out what happened. The details are somehow murky in my memory. Its always the same with me. I can’t remember stuff with even normal amount of details. So, all i see when i “look into” my mind is a set of hazy images and noisy voices. Yet, I know what they all are trying to say or show.

After so many days, going separate ways is always a bit difficult. Some will be nearby and in touch. But others are going back to their home now. Far from here and probably us meeting as often is not going to happen. To be honest this is depressing and and a bit sad. And to add to this chaos, life has now become uncertain again. I don’t have anything against uncertainty, but I prefer it to be in the equations rather than real life. Everything now becomes
more and more serious and there may come such times now that you will become truly alone.Its not fear really; the system will not collapse completely. But there will be some abnormalities and this is due to the complete and sudden change in the environment. Adaptation is not new to us in EC anyways. We will survive and excel as we have repeatedly shown in the past years. But there were a few failures that I will always regret. The major ones will be that we couldn’t conduct the departmental fest “Ayaskanta”. It was the legacy of ECE students who wanted to create their own culture and make a point that EC department is not yet dead. But, our batch was the one where this tradition was, sadly, broken.

The ever elusive IEEE chapter did not take off as I had expected it would. The beginning was good and the whole team loved it, but then I failed to take it forward. Not that there is no hope, I am pretty sure it will pick up pretty soon and the team will convert everything that we talked about into reality. Then there was the send off that did not go well. It felt like we were kicked off the campus in a grand ceremony that was not so grand at all! I always imagined it would be more ….er. … emotional that what I expereinced. I have never liked the department and I am sure not many did either. But, maybe I didn’t get those right people to really appreciate the department. But after much analysis and arguments (with myself) I can say with absolute certainty that I definitely am an engineer now. I give more credit to the people I associated with rather than the College or the Department. After 4 years, my opinion is that IĀ  don’t think anybody holds any value to the degree that I am about to get. Its all for namesake, for its the spirit that matters and not a piece of paper alone

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June 19, 2009

The task is :

Share seven facts about yourself in the post.

~ 1. The language I love the most is Kannada.

~ 2. I dont listen to new songs. I always explore those that are not in the top tens anymore

~ 3. I analyse things a lot

~ 4. I dont like Bollywood movies and yet I watch them

~ 5. I like white or black clothes a LOT

~ 6. I have christened my jeans. Silly names šŸ˜€

~ 7. I love riding bicycles