October 24, 2009

Chicken a la carte, from Ferdinand Dimadura

Different way to provide a known fact.

Thanks to Nirmal for sharing

This comes a day late since I couldn’t think clearly yesterday. Not that I am enlightened right now, but definitely have a much clear mind. Anyway, coming to the point, we all, or at least, most of us know about the statistics regarding this issue. The most recent mention of hunger that I can remember is the award winning photograph that was circulating in the mail depicting a skinny child and a hungry vulture. The photographer committed suicide after taking that picture. On an other note, most people are not happy about India’s contributions to other countries; they want that money to go into better roads and other projects in the country. But a philanthropist nature is always associated with India.

Not that there are no people who die of hunger in our country, there are tons of programs to address such issues but its not being effectively implemented. Everyone knows that but not many care about it. They carefully monitor the implementation of provisions by the government that relate to them, but they don’t give a damn about other things. You might expect the beneficiary of poverty alleviation program to pressurize government, but you fail to notice that they are neither literate nor aware of such provisions. As citizens it would become our duty (not obligation) to make sure that such programs reach the beneficiary. But then, that which is not compulsory is never done in this country right? Think about it and you will realise. All those who criticise government please do try and learn how a democracy is supposed to work.


Celebrating a sacrifice

October 11, 2009

Life. Very hard to figure it out. Just today i was watching a movie in which a police officer sacrifices her life while on duty. Her husband, also a cop, is devastated by his personal loss. There are many who sacrifice their lives for the sake of duty and honour. Ultimately what does it matter? That life which is taken will never get the kind of respect it deserves. All people do is to make a day for it, sing a couple of songs, eat, give speech and go home. Then from next day its the same story. But they forget why the people sacrificed their lives in the first place.

Then there is fame. Its the most sought after thing in the world. But usually it favours those who do not seek it. I talk about the kind of fame that accompanies the likes of Einstein or Gandhi. Because, there is some amount of fame associated with everyone of us in whatever way but, it is not timeless and hence not the one that is sought after. But none the less, its settled for. Momentary fame, short lived and even dirty fame is welcomed by most. Its this momentary lapse in character that leaves them stuck in such places. But those who do not seek it will never fall prey to such events and hence remain unaffected by it. This enables them to rise high. Its not like they don’t enjoy the attention. They definitely use it in some way, but it never gets into their heads and that is what makes the difference.

These two things are the most misunderstood by most. Its not the fame that matters here. It is not about remembering the people here. Its all about remembering the work that has made them that person. That is what really counts but that is what is always ignored by everyone. Why that happens though? I think all of it can be attributed to the weakness of human mind and its inability to see the bigger picture. Of course, its all easily said than done, but the point is that great people dedicate their entire energy to what they really believe in and not on what others believe. They make their own foot prints and its their humility that shows them the right path. I say, if you do not understand the personality then do not celebrate the personality.