Attachment and separatist tendencies

November 23, 2009

It is not the first time that there has been violence by separationists concerning to area or language or community or ethnicity or any other such defining factor. It therefore becomes very important for us, as social beings, to understand this and equip ourselves against being drawn into this whirlpool. We all have attachments to our culture, country, language, caste, race, movie stars, singers, etc. Its quite human and always expected. You always wish for your “group” to succeed rather than any other group. That too is natural and healthy when under limits of social norms.


Of course, I will talk about the recent comments on Sachin Tendulkar’s statements by some of the leaders of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, Maharashtra. They too are similar to other such organizations in various parts of this country. The main objective of their “Party” is to bring prosperity to the “Marathi Manoos” since they belong to that region. They are fighting for the “rights” of the Marathi people which are being exploited by the “migrants” from other regions. They are trying to preserve the language and tradition of their region.


Now that we have understood their main objectives, we can draw our own conclusions by the help of what little intelligence and wisdom we have acquired in our short lives and the modus operandi of the said party in achieving their objectives. An election in this country is never won by a well qualified, development oriented election manifesto. It is won by promising FREE stuff if we get elected and then un-officially providing other FREE stuff that must and should include Alcohol. Now I predict that many who will read this will immediately react that only illiterate people will do that. Lets analyze it then.


Most basic elections are considered to be the college union elections. Have you never heard of campus politics? If you havent, the please read this article on campus politics. The point here to understand is that literacy does not guarantee wisdom. It does not produce good valued humans as such. Moral aspect of education is absent in the system. The moral science classes in my school days were limited to story telling and not discussing the implication of the same. Mostly, kids are considered to be inept to trouble them with moral issues, but its widely known that even 5 year old kids can have some really good things to say about elementary human values.


Having said that, separatist activities help in misleading all sorts of people. It will finally depend on every individual person as to how they perceive such activities. Many people will support the comments of the leaders in their newspaper and a few will disagree with it (In that particular region and not India as a whole). But India as a whole will always retort saying that a National player is a National player. Even then, the statement made by Sachin Tendulkar is a much needed one since he is a “Youth Icon” and not just for Maharashtra or India, but to the world as a whole. We look up to such people and take note of their values and ideologies. Liberal outlook while still maintaining the attachment to the local culture is the way of life. Just how he has managed the balance between One Day Internationals and Test cricket, not only scoring similar runs, but also doing justice to the game as a whole, we too need to manage out attachments to above mentioned factors and still work for National Integrity.


If people like him dont stand up and express their opinion for the fear of being drawn into a political dialogue then those who look upto them will also not have the courage to oppose injustice. But the most important thing to be kept in mind is that you need to know when to be silent. Sachin Tandulkar has not yet replied to all those comments he received after his statement. Sachin Tendulkar is well known for his “actions speak better than words” approach. He knows well not to ARGUE with fools but only to make people aware about his perceptions and his views. If the youth will inculcate such qualities instead of just his hair style or something, then it might be more productive and meaningful to consider him your role model. If this separatist tendencies are not dealt with today, then there will always be the threat of such a thing growing into more serious issue hampering the integrity of the country


Book bank

November 9, 2009

There are a number of things that can be thought about in this world, but seldom are they discussed. In the real world scenario people are too busy to even acknowledge what is happening else where. It is understandable that most of the people are busy with their own mess of a life and would not want to waste their time by worrying about others. But unless there is some extraordinary efforts from our side, how can we expect the society to move forward as a whole? Those of us who are capable will move forward making way on the expense of others.


Anyway, I don’t want to get into that debate. What I want to talk today is an idea that struck me when I was reading a book today. I am pretty sure many have had this ideas before and will keep having it in the future. When I was reading this book I realised that I have a lot of good books at home that I am not going to use as their purpose is served. Though I bought used books , they still are in good condition (Except some which cannot be read from). I usually sell my books back in the same area where I buy used books. But today I thought, Instead of this it would be better to donate these books to a public library.

Of course the public library in the cities have good collection, but those in other cities don’t. If a group of, say, 100 people donate some good used books, then it will greatly help a lot of students. Of course, you can buy new books and donate them, but it may not be always possible for students like us to do that as we don’t earn. But we can always give our old and used books which will definitely help others. During this deepavali, my cousins, aged 10 and 16 years, did not burst any crackers and instead donated that money to the victims of recent floods in Karnataka. It is not iterated enough that there is a lot we can learn from kids.

Thousands of people can definitely make a difference if joined together. Lets devise a plan. Any suggestions are always welcome.