Bloody bussiness

January 11, 2010

Mobile notes

When in the line:

I remember the last time i donated blood. It was a small camp which went on for around 2 to 3 hours and aound 130 people had turned up. Yet it was something to cheer about. Today I am standing in the line of about 50 to donate blood. Its really good to see so many people so eager to donate. Still there are some who were relieved to know they cant donate due to various reasons. There are always such people πŸ˜€ (No offence). People, here too, are looking to cut across the lines. May be its in the Indian genes. But this is really a huge turn out and as a result the camp timing has also been extended.

After donating:

So, I lay down and the trainee punchers my arm to get the needle into my vein and he was not able to find it!! This always happens to me!!! So he called the doctor and just when she came blood started filling the pouch and the doctor went to attend the next donor. After about 100 ml the needle fell off due to the pressure πŸ˜€ . Then they stopped the bleeding and asked me if I was feeling OK. I said I was fine and so they told me they would try again. This time I gave my right arm and completed the transacting without any glitches. When I got up, I had to hold my arm to my chest so as to relax the fatigued muscles and facilitate recovery. Then I got a donor’s card and a T-shirt (Not good, but still πŸ˜› )

Oh! I also got 2 juice boxes (Vitamin C πŸ˜€Β  )

When I reached home:

As I walked on the road clutching the T-shirt, I got a few stares. Anyway, more than 500 students donated blood as far as I know. That was awesome.

And i am feeling very very cold now and lazy! Hate this after-effect.



January 11, 2010

Dated : 08/01/2010

Who has the time?

Time is the most mysterious concept and defined in a many different ways in many different contexts. The “eternal” pursuit of all is timelessness. Most of the things in life have a time perspective to it. Space is the first one off my mind which is most widely discussed in the science sphere as also in the philosophical sphere. Then there is achievement. Everyone wants to achieve “something” that is timeless. They don’t know WHAT it is, but they want it to be timeless. Then there is love. Yes, the love between a man and a woman or same sex or any other format i.e., romantic love; it has to be timeless and eternal. It is kind of a necessary and not sufficient condition to prove that you love someone. The word FOREVER seems to be very important when saying ‘I love you’ and it goes without saying that it is forever!!

Attention is one more thing that is constantly sought. Here I introduce the concept of ‘relative time’. πŸ˜€Β  Its not relativity as defined by Einstein; relative in general terms. Our lifetime is kind of an eternity for our sake; hence, relative eternity. We constantly seek attention from others, even strangers, during this relative eternity of ours. Its evolutionary in nature that promotes colony or civilization and hence needed.

What ever the context might be, the focus here is on a man’s/woman’s eternal pursuit of timelessness. Its not wrong, its natural extension of our brain’s evolution which is more than what is required to survive on this planet. Which brings us to the argument of ‘higher purpose’ of our existence.

Is there such a purpose? Or is this evolution just to supplement the theory of survival of the fittest? Eventually the earth will die, and by that time we should have colonized other planets and that is not easy. It needsΒ  a lot of planning and a lot of work. For that our brain is capable but will take time. However, ancients have another theory, “The theory of God”

But that is another post

So, in conclusion, though not exhaustive I have provided a good starting point to assess your actions in the context of the 4th dimension of time (as in RELATIVITY πŸ˜€ ). Hence it follows, Time is mysterious