Pain – personal glory?

February 9, 2010

Dated : 02/02/2010

The core of the sun burns white hot and that is why it helps in sustaining life on earth. The lamp burns itself to provide light to the world. But does it really hurt them to do it? Is this pain as unbearable as it is to us? Do they also want to scream when fire burns them into nothingness? If yes then the proverb is acceptable. Else, it does not qualify for such a comparison.

Pain is significant to everyone. We consider it to be the worst and also have this strange urge to prove that ours is the worst pain in the world. Then you come across people who are in different kind of pain and you objectively try to compare it with your own and try to justify to yourself that your pain is still the worst. You find a strange pleasure in such analogy and its not a rational one either. Its completely illogical and often deterrent to your happiness and yet you want it. You want to be in such a pain for it holds a much subtler pleasure which can be deemed a dark one in generally accepted classification. This pleasure is a true one, in the sense that you actually feel that pleasure spread across your heart, but it does not carry the warmth of other positive pleasure. Never.

So ultimately its a choice that you are faced with, as always. Choices define the course of our life and ultimately there will be some people in life who will influence these choices yet, only you will be responsible for the choices since you made them and not those who influenced you. Choosing something so as to not hurt someone is also a choice that you yourself made.


Apprehension as I see it

February 9, 2010

Dated : 15/12/2009

Apprehension never deserts us. Even though we may be very confident, there is some amount of apprehension that will always make our heart beat a little faster when we are about to do something important. It does not matter that you have done the same thing a million times, there will always be some fear.

Its not irrational fear though. Its a very rational and most essential fear. Its so essential that without it, we are likely to fail at the job at hand. It makes sense too, you will always need a feedback system and fear keeps the feedback system alive by making us double check our steps. So, in a way its a driving force that will help us in achieving our goal.

Ultimately that is the most important thing. Goal. It doesn’t matter that you achieved it with fear or without fear. In the long run it does not matter. Hence, there is no need to be embarrassed by fear of failure. But, as it is always said, too much of anything is bad. Always this fear needs to be kept in check. Never it be allowed to take over your rationality. You are the best judge of yourself; to decide whether or not YOU ARE IN CONTROL.