Logic – the looking glass

April 25, 2010

Dated 20 feb 2010:

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Life sometimes seems to be going completely out of hands. You are surrounded by thousands of challenges and you do not seem to know where to begin. death is the biggest one among them. To handle death is not an easy task, no matter how experienced you are. It puts you off your track. A heavy weight rests at the bottom of your heart and you cannot just get rid of it. And that is the time when the flood gates open. You seem to remember every damn thing that has happened to you which was not supposed to happen. The thought process becomes too abstract and fundamental questions begin to pop up in the head. And the answers to these do not exist or our brain cannot synthesis or imagine it. It is limited in that capacity, it can ask good questions but not generate commensurate answers to those questions. Some say its not what life is about. Life is about small things, small happiness, small setbacks, etc, etc, but i feel that its just some fairy tale that you have woven to avoid the other real questions.

Pain, suffering, setback and every negative thing has to be seen through a looking glass. A glass that blocks these negativities which manifest themselves as emotions and lets you look at life in an objective way. If you can learn to do this then you can very well deal with all these problems. This is where the logic comes in. It gives you a set of guidelines through which you can see a situation, kinda like looking glass. The situation can then be tackled much more effectively and quickly. Of course, this glass will be opposed by primal emotions like anger but eventually you will be able to deal with it without creating much problems to others. It requires patience and perseverance so as to be able to develop this ability. But then again, its just one method to deal with the problems faced and not THE method.



April 24, 2010

Dated : 16th Feb 2010

The whole world seems to be a system. As any other system, this system has its own characteristics and its own principles and its own rules. You are also a part of this system and to be successful in this system you must play by the rules of this system. If you adhere to there rules, your success is 100 percent guaranteed. But if you try to defy the system then you will end up in one of the two extreme situations. Unlimited glory or complete annihilation.

If you choose to be a part of the system and play by its rules there are obvious negatives. First of all a system will give you a fixed output. No matter how intelligently it is designed it will always have some limits. But, we know for sure that human mind is not so limited in imagination. Hence, there will come a time, very soon too, when we will start to feel the monotony of the situation and will be left wanting for more. Then there is the obvious frustration due to the fact that we cannot do anything to make our life more dynamic; that is we fail in our own eyes as we clearly notice that we are not in control of our own lives. This leads to perpetual unhappiness and discontent in their hearts. The list is not exhaustive but it gives a fair idea of what the drawbacks are. But I feel that it is only fair to suggest that the above mentioned negatives are only applicable to people who have aspirations which are beyond the boundaries of this system. For an unambitious person these may not apply or may apply conditionally which are quite conceivable and hence I will skip.

Now, you are not satisfied and decide to rebel against the system then also you will find yourself at the vortex of many problems. If you really think, these problems are much more severe yet more exciting to an open mind. The decision to rebel is filled with obvious risk as mentioned earlier, an endeavour which might result in finding a new improved system or else getting lost forevermore. I don’t think I even need to attempt to list out the problems in this choice. It is quite known and I think most of us are facing them in different quantum. But these problems are dynamic and more exciting and hence worth the risk if you ask me.

What will you do? What is your answer? This is a very difficult question. To answer this question is to make a choice. A choice that will reflect your character and define your entire future!

Friendship process analysis

April 24, 2010

Dated feb 2010:

Sometimes people come into your life and you know instantly that they are meant to be there. They serve some purpose, teach you a lesson or help you figure out something. The way they meet you is very ordinary and mundane. Yet you have that strange feeling of having found someone you were looking for. A smile you would recognise or a voice that would give you a smile. A face which calms you and soothes your heart.

Most of the time we never stop and think about how this person has grown in your life and how you have grown in yours because of that person. Its really simple and yet amazing how the influence of such person are reflected not only in your choices but also in your behaviour. You tend to pick up some of their character and unknowingly imitate it. Its rather pleasant surprise when you realise this fact.

Maybe evolution has a very deep role in this. For the survival of humans, they have to coexist. They have to form much deeper bonds than those exhibited by other animals. This, thus, paves the way for development of emotions of much higher complexity. The irony is that the same brain that exhibits these emotions is all the time fooled by it. Not even fooled, it acts as a distraction more often than a guiding force. But then, without such emotions, leading a meaningful life with such a complex brain would be impossible. At the vortex of this chaos we try to find a reason or some sort of logic called “purpose” of this life. That purpose itself is less exciting than the journey and hence it is the one which is valued the most.

But these are just too many events for the brain to keep account of in the real time (When it is actually happening). So, not many worry about it and just enjoy the budding and growing friendship