Your best teacher

May 20, 2010

Photo Courtesy of Kejal - Thank you

Many many “great” personalities have talked many many things about humans and their virtues and their actions and have tried to interpret the behaviours of others and themselves and have tried to put forward their own hypothesis about life and its mysteries. One thing that is most essential to put forward a generally acceptable hypothesis is good presentation. A good presentation of the most obvious and known facts will always find acceptance by people who read it.

All most all think about “stuff” but they are not well equiped to organize those train of thoughts and put them in sentences that are free flowing and comprehensively cover all the facts and yet have an artistic air to them, how ever feeble it may be. As a result, they tend to put those occasional thoughts out of their minds. But when they come across an article or a poem desribing what they had been thinking about, they just stand there amazed at how true it is what they are reading. It kind of “fits” into the big picture of life they have. It adds more pixels and hence makes that picture more clear and good to look at. Maybe they wont realize that they had thought about the exact same thing, or they might. If they do, they will exclaim, “I know exactly what you are talking about!!” Of course they know. Dont even have a doubt in your mind that they dont. They might have a much better realization of that than you yourself do. But they have one basic shortcoming; they cannot present it as well as you can.

Hence, one must always practice humility and be open to the fact that others around you are also reasonably intelligent and perhaps more so than yourself. When you try to explain to others how you feel and inwardly keep complaining that they will never understand, the listener might actually have guessed where you are going with whatever you are talking and the listener might have formed a solution to your problem as well. Its just our ego that makes us think that no one has the capability to conceive what our mind sees. So, when it comes to any quote by any famous personality or any song by any famous writer its all about the presentation. You already know or will learn about that in your life. But its your job to hold on to that life’s lesson and keep it in your mind. Maybe you will not be able to express it so well as others, but isnt that lesson more important?

Ultimately, you choose. The choice defines you as a person. You choose which lesson to remember and which one to forget. Hence, what you are today is because of those choices. Maybe they were difficult to make and hence you let go of a few, but it was ultimately your decision. You were put to a test and you did what you wanted to and hence the result today stands as it is, a bunch of choices that you made.