National Anthem

From quiet some time I have been seeing this controversy about our National Anthem and it is being circulated in the internet causing people to lose respect towards the song. There have been lot of ignorant people who have discredited this prayer to GOD and MOTHERLAND. Just one request to all, when you read some report saying anything like this just do a small Google search get to know the other side of the story. Just spend some time to know what are the counter-arguments to such a statement.

Specially when it comes to a song which every child in school sings passionately and by the end his heart will be filled with patriotism and love towards the nation and this song when I used to sing as a kid would make me want to serve the nation in any which way possible, one always has to be careful about what is said about it. These are the days when even school kids have access to internet and they will read about it and talk about it in the school. As a citizen of this country it is your FUNDAMENTAL DUTY under Article 51A (a) to Respect National Anthem, Flag and National Symbols. But everyone is more interested to know about the Fundamental Right to the Freedom of Expression under Article 19(1)(a) and thoroughly abuse it. But what many are unaware of is the constitution also lays down reasonable restrictions on the use of this fundamental right.

Article 19(2) says “Nothing in sub-clause (a) of clause (1) of Article 19 shall affect the operation of any existing law, or prevent the State from making any law, in so far as such law imposes reasonable restrictions on the exercise of the right conferred by the said sub-clause in the interests of the sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of the State, friendly relations with foreign States, public order, decency or morality, or in relation to contempt of court, defamation or incitement to an offence. It must also be noticed that this article 19(1)(a) only gives freedom of press. Hence, there is also a responsibility on the press to abide by these restrictions laid down by the article 19(2).

Now coming to the point, if you say that you have fundamental right to say what ever you want then you are wrong. No one has any absolute right. Constitution was prepared by some of the great visionaries and intellectuals of that time who knew what core values of this nation are. Hence, defaming the national anthem which is a part of identity of our country is a very shameful deed. If you are still under the impression that the song was written to praise a certain king then please read the content in this site. This is one more link where a very systematic assessment has been made

Be proud when you sing it. Its the song that unites the largest democracy in the world and the most diverse population in the world. It is our National Anthem. Below is a nice videos if you havent yet watched it.. 🙂

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