Warning: Unknown state!

June 21, 2009

More than there always is

What I want, what I need

Always immersed in strange thoughts

Thoughts that never end. Never.


Purpose is an unknown entity

Elusive, and ever changing

Never decisive, never sure

Never ending uncertainty


What rules is complexity

Of thoughts and thoughts alone

Only place where ‘c’ doesn’t matter

Actions cannot keep up here!


What are actions really?

Is it the thought that matters?

Thoughts to choose from though

In the end action alone is seen


In my chaotic little world

Whose reach is infinite

The only thing certain Is

The unknown state of my mind


Fear not!

June 20, 2008

It goes on forever,
Never ends, but sleeps often
I thought I could throw it out
Seems I was in the wrong.

It’s there, deep down inside, hidden
Hidden behind the smiles, the jokes, the laughter
Oh! How I wish I could throw it out
Yet the Pain slips deeper, into the bottom

It grows with the help of my fears
Watered by my tears
The more I try to throw it out
The more it bleeds deep inside, within
I thought this pain was due to my fears
Then I realized; Pain was the fear!

The Life

June 13, 2008

I wandered through the streets, alone

Through cities and countries I passed

I had a question on my mind

Answer was what I wanted to find

I met a saint in a holy land

And I fell to his feet and asked

“What is life oh! Holy one?”

A gift of God said the old one.

‘Devout it to the almighty

And you shall have peace and prosperity.’

I traveled forward and met a thinker

Who called himself a philosopher?

He said life is like a sea

You have to keep on sailing.

Then I met a merchant on my way

Life is money, he said, don’t throw it away

Further I traveled into the country

I met a man full of misery

Life is a burden; a punishment from God

To all the sinners of past he thought

Life is a game said a sportsman,

Playing is important and that’s the real fun

Then I realised life is complex

And you see it as you wish to see

So, you decide what life is for you

As you alone will know it well

As for me, I define life as

Traveling in Luxury bus on The Indian Roads


P.S : Dated long back